Social Responsibility


Our Patients

When pharmaco was founded , our goal was to provide patients with access to affordable healthcare. As our company has grown into one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, our dedication to patients remains steadfast.

Our Ethics

At pharmaco, we believe it is our mission and duty to build a relationship of trust with patients, customers, shareholders and employees. Our governance and ethics practices are focused on building a culture of responsibility that extends from our Board of Directors to executives and employees.

pharmaco’s Code of Business Conduct governs our commitment to making safe, quality products for our patients in a manner that fully complies with applicable laws and regulations. All employees are required to uphold the code, a commitment they make when joining the company and one they reconfirm every two years.

Our Anti‐Corruption Policy provides detailed guidance for complying with anti‐corruption and anti‐bribery laws applicable to our businesses worldwide. We are updating our policy to further strengthen our compliance with the requirements of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other anti-corruption laws. We train relevant employees on the policy every two years, and a team of internal risk managers and auditors monitor adherence to the policy.

Risk management is critical to the successful operation of a healthcare company. pharmaco integrates risk management seamlessly into our corporate culture, decision-making processes and accountability structure across all business units worldwide. We monitor and communicate risks globally, within regions and within business units.

More details about our Governance and Ethics practices and the operational steps we take to keep patients safe are discussed in our full CSR Report

Our Manufacturing

Patients worldwide rely on pharmaco’s products to meet their medical needs. Ensuring an unrestricted supply of safe medicines is of critical importance to us, and doing so requires a secure, accountable supply chain of trusted partner companies.

We also have strategic relationships with a small number of contract manufacturing sites. In addition, thousands of third-party suppliers provide us with raw materials and packaging, and around 100 suppliers produce final packaged products.

To safeguard the health of our patients, we require all suppliers and our manufacturing facilities to adhere to stringent standards and regulatory requirements. To ensure quality control, pharmaco uses Quality Technical Agreements, legal documents that set out comprehensive quality and compliance expectations for both pharmaco operations and our suppliers. pharmaco also performs key material supplier audits on a global basis to confirm compliance with our own quality standards, regulatory requirements and industry standards. In addition, we operate a number of security measures to keep our supply steady and consistent, including dual sourcing for key products and materials, collaboration with suppliers to forecast risk and continual monitoring of suppliers to confirm production and delivery of our products.

pharmaco’s efforts to deliver a safe and secure medicines pipeline go beyond compliance. We embrace suppliers as partners, working closely with them to improve their performance. We share best practices, provide resources during supplier quality reviews and support investments and upgrades that help them comply with industry standards and local environmental laws.